Declarative Amsterdam

Extracting Microcontent from DITA Topics

Chris Despopoulos
We transform DITA to HTML in the browser via a Single Page App (SPA). Our product GUI is also an SPA – Why not put our content directly in the GUI? This talk shows the advantages of dynamic transforms, and how we use that technique to extract subsets from the single source and display them in the product.
Presentation, 5 November 2021

Chris Despopoulos is an old hand at technical writing. He is currently Publications Manager at Turbonomic Inc. In this role, he works with a small team that uses Git to manage DITA source, and a number of home-grown processes that exploit DITA to manage docs as code, harvest content from source code (for the API docs), produce release notes, integrate with markdown and other formats, and rebrand the pubs product for a matrix of Agile teams and projects. Tired of waiting for the “experts” to do it, he designed and implemented 4D Pubs, a single-page app for online help… Static site, dynamic client.