Declarative Amsterdam

Declarative Amsterdam 2023

The fifth edition of Declarative Amsterdam will take place on 2 and 3 November 2023 at the Science Park, Amsterdam. It will be a hybrid conference with the opportunity to attend live or online, for both attendees and presenters.

The first day will feature tutorials, combining presentations and hands-on sessions to give an introduction to specific topics. The second day will be a symposium, with shorter presentations. Speakers can discuss new ideas, frameworks, applications of declarative methods, and best practices.

Declarative techniques are a style of computing that expresses the purpose of computation without describing its control flow. It allows you to focus on the ‘what’, rather than the ‘how’.

Declarative Amsterdam will have presentations on past experiences, current trends and future perspectives in fields such as functional programming, declarative data modeling, databases, XML and related technologies, JSON, CSS, semantic web, data science, data visualization, grammars, parsing, and domain-specific languages


Registration is open, see Registration & Fees for full details.


Declarative Amsterdam 2023 will be held at the conference centre of the Amsterdam Science Park, in the east of the city.

You can get there by:


Nearest hotels are Q Factory, and the niu Fender.

A cheaper option is Camping Zeeburg, with cabins, a short walk from the conference.

Thanks to the good train and tram connections, you have a wide option of accommodation, both in and out of Amsterdam. Try

Food and Drink

There are two restaurant/bars on site: Polder, and Maslow.

There is a small Spar supermarket next to Maslow