Declarative AmsterdamDeclarative Amsterdam

Declarative Amsterdam 2020

On 8 and 9 October 2020, The second Declarative Amsterdam conference took place at CWI (Science Park, Amsterdam).

The conference focuses on the technologies and methods used for declarative programming and declarative data.

Declarative programming is a style of programming that expresses the logic of a computation without describing its control flow. It allows a software engineer to focus on the ‘what’ of a program, rather than the ‘how’. Declarative programs can be constructed in less time, using much less code than a traditional computer program. Declarative methods for programming and data modelling can help to avoid making the mistakes that have lead to failing software projects for several decades.

Declarative Amsterdam 2020 has presentations on past experiences, current trends and future perspectives in fields such as functional programming, declarative data modelling, databases, XML and related technologies, JSON, CSS, data visualization, grammars, parsing, and domain-specific languages.

The first day featured tutorials, combining presentations and hands-on labs to give an introduction to a specific topic. The second day is a symposium, and consist of shorter presentations. Speakers can discuss new ideas, frameworks, applications of declarative methods, and best practices.

This year, Declarative Amsterdam was organized by Dutch XML enthusiasts, who share an interest in technologies for data modelling and representation, and declarative methods.