Declarative Amsterdam

A declarative challenge

Declarative Amsterdam 2022 invites you to participate in a declarative challenge. The challenge is: Create a small application that makes use of invisible XML.

Your contribution will be reviewed by a group of independent experts. Their choices will be presented as part of Declarative Amsterdam 2022. Your submission will be judged on originality, quality of code and documentation and of course the use of declarative techniques.

Your contribution should consist of a working system plus some documentation. This documentation should also contain references to any dependencies and contain a technical description on how to install and run it.

At least one of the declarative techniques used by your application should be invisible XML. Information about this upcoming recommendation is easily found, as are some implementations like NineML or jωiXML.

You can choose from the following applications:

Write an invisible XML grammar for yUML, which is a simple text format for creating UML diagrams. Do something with the XML that comes out of parsing yUML strings with your grammar, for instance, convert it to SVG or XMI.
Write an invisible XML grammar for the Unix/Linux crontab. Do something with the XML that comes out of parsing it, for instance, create an interactive application that allows users to manipulate a crontab file.
Bibliographic references
Write an invisible XML grammar for BibTeX and use it to convert BibTeX records to Dublin Core or another (bibliographic) metadata standard.

Enquiries and submission

The email address where you can get more information is This is also the address where you can submit your work.