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QT4 status update

The XSLT Extensions Community Group, known informally as “QT4CG”, has been working on new editions of XPath, XQuery, XSLT, and related specifications for just over a year. This presentation will provide a brief survey of how much progress we’ve made, how much more we might imagine remains to be done, and some of the exciting new functionality that will be available in “4.0”.

Presentation, 2 November 2023

Norm Tovey-Walsh is a Senior Software Developer at Saxonica. He has also been an active participant in international standards efforts at both the W3C and OASIS. At the W3C, Norm was chair of the XML Processing Model Working Group, co-chair of the XML Core Working Group, and an editor in the XQuery and XSLT Working Groups. He served for several years as an elected member of the Technical Architecture Group. At OASIS, he was chair of the DocBook Technical Committee for many years and is the author of DocBook: The Definitive Guide. Norm has spent more than twenty years developing commercial and open source software.