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XSD Visualizer Plugin: Simplify XML Schema Understanding (even for Beginners)

Sven ReinckFLUXparticle

I will demonstrate how the XSD Visualizer Plugin supports the way XML Schema is understood and utilized. By providing an intuitive interface and interactive features, even newcomers to XSD can grasp its complexities with ease. The presentation will cover key concepts of XML Schema, demonstrate the plugin’s functionalities, and showcase real-world examples to highlight its practical applications.

Whether you’re a seasoned XML Schema expert or just starting to explore the domain-specific language, this presentation will leave you with valuable insights and a newfound appreciation for the visualization of data structures. As a bonus, I will also discuss the expansion to other format like Relax NG and JSON Schema.

Presentation, 2 November 2023

Sven Reinck is a software developer and IT trainer from Hamburg, Germany. He graduated with a Master of Computer Science in 2007 and has been working as a freelance IT trainer since 2012. He specializes in Java, Kotlin, Groovy, C++, OpenGL, and JavaFX. In 2014, he developed Javis, a software to visualize abstract concepts of Java. In 2019, he founded FLUXparticle, a company that develops software for the visualization of abstract concepts in programming. In 2021, he developed SchemaViz, a tool for visualizing XML schemas.

Sven is passionate about software development and education, and he is always looking for new ways to make programming more accessible and understandable.