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Talking about my generation (L-Systems in XQuery)

Juri LeinoeXist-db
Mary Holstegenot affiliated

L-systems, or Lindenmayer-Systems, are a way to describe natural growth patterns as well as a fun mathematical applications.

After introducing different types of grammars (deterministic, stochastic, parametric) and how they work we will show implementation strategies, various experiments and different applications such as to create visualizations with a process resembling Turtle Graphics.

Presentation, 3 November 2023

Juri Leino is a software gardener from Berlin with over 15 years of experience in web development. In most recent years he has joined the exist-db project as a core developer focussing on the XQuery runtime. Next to consulting for exist-solutions and jinntec he also maintains and develops node-exist and gulp-exist and created XQuery libraries like xbow,  exist-jwt and dicey.

Dr. Mary Holstege spent decades developing software in Silicon Valley, in and around markup technologies, information extraction, and search. She put in the many miles on XML-related standards development. In 2020 she retired from her position as Distinguished Engineer at MarkLogic and now writes programs (mostly in XQuery) to make art (mostly in SVG) and attempts to keep rabbits from her vegetable garden (mostly without success).