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Introduction to Fore

Juri LeinoJinntec
Joern TurnerJinntec
'Fore' is a pure client-side, declarative and open source XML editing solution for structured XML following the principles of the XForms 2.0 standard though taking some freedom here and there. It is specifically suited to build complex, form-based editing front-ends but can also be used to implement complete data-driven applications. It is pure client-side library implemented as a set of plain-vanilla Web Components, needing no special framework to run. It is written in ES6 JavaScript. It supports XQuery/XPath 3.1 as expression language via the fantastic fontoXPath library. Alongside XML Fore can also handle JSON via the XPath map syntax. In this tutorial we want to give you an introduction in how to create your own interactive UI elements including webforms with Fore. After a short introduction on the underlying principles and differences to XForms, we want participants create following examples - a todo app - a clock - a TEI-header editor (or other xml-fragment editor)
Tutorial, 7 November 2022

Juri Leino is a software gardener from Berlin with over 15 years of experience in web development. In most recent years he has joined the exist-db project as a core developer focussing on the XQuery runtime. Next to consulting for exist-solutions and jinntec he also maintains and develops node-exist and gulp-exist and created XQuery libraries like xbow,  exist-jwt and dicey.

Joern Turner is one of the directors at Jinntec GmbH and has been developing XML solutions for over two decades now. He founded the Chiba and betterFORM projects which implemented the XForms standard and contributes to several open source projects like TEI-Publisher, eXist-db, Roaster, Tuttle and others. Two years ago he started the Fore project as a follow-up of betterFORM.