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SchemaCom - An XML Schema Comparator

Ihe Onwuka
People working with large XML vocabularies often face the task of upgrading to a new version [1]. Ideally such are guided with a specification of how to map the components of an XML instance to the new version of the vocabulary. SchemaCom was created to assist situations where such a specification is not available. It highlights the differences (and similarities) between the constituent content models in the respective vocabularies, this information can then guide the analysis necessary to specify the missing mappings and can be applied without loss of generality between schemas representing different vocabularies (as opposed to different versions of the same one). A distinguishing feature is the delivery of the user interface as an XForm.
Presentation, 5 November 2021

Ihe Onwuka has been working with XML since 2003 and is a System Engineer with LS Technologies assisting in the development and architecting of large complex data models for the US federal government. He is a great believer in functional programming and declarative technologies in general. Hobby wise he enjoys street dance choreography and had a long rugby career during which he played in 4 of the 5 continents and only retired because none of the professional clubs came in with an offer big enough to entice him to carry on.