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Self-Generating Quality Control: A Case Study

Tom HillmanORCID logoeXpertML Ltd
Vincent LizzyORCID logoTaylor & Francis
This paper demonstrates how quality control infrastructure can be generated from a single requirements document. Taken from a recent project that is now being used in production at a large journal publisher, it discusses some of the challenges faced and techniques used when generating Schematron, XSpec tests, XML grammar checks, and documentation. The project set out to implement quality control requirements for journal articles using Schematron. In pursuing this objective, the project also created quality control infrastructure for Schematron itself that streamlines the process for incorporating iterative changes to requirements. The techniques used in this project and described in this paper may be generally applicable in other projects.
Presentation, 9 October 2020
Vincent Lizzi is Head of Information Standards at Taylor & Francis, is a member of the NISO JATS Standing Committee (ANSI/NISO Z39.96), and has contributed to the development of XSpec.
Tomos Hillman has over a decade of experience with XML, XSLT, XQuery and related technologies, particularly in the field of digital publishing, quality analysis, and transformation. He has given training courses to various institutions including publishers, universities and the UN, as well as being a regular faculty member at the prestigious XML Summer School in Oxford.