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Declarative Programming of TV Application Using NCL

Alan GuedesORCID logoTeleMídia Lab, PUC-Rio, Brazil

NCL is the declarative programming language used to develop TV applications in IPTV systems and Terrestrial TV standardized by ITU[1] and Brazilian TV Forum, respectively. Its main characteristics are support: defining temporal synchronization among media assets and viewer interactions; layout reuse facilities (<region> and <description>); support multi-device presentation; scripts in the light-weight and embeddable language Lua; and an API for building and modifying applications on-the-fly called NCL editing command. This talk briefly introduces NCL, highlights its recent advances and discuss the future of the language.

Presentation, 9 October 2020
Alan Guedes holds a Ph.D. from PUC-Rio, where he acts as research engineer at TeleMídia Lab. In his career, he worked in different TV/video research projects. Today, he works in the NCL player open source implementation and contributes to the NCL standards in both Brazilian TV Forum (Technical module) and ITU SG16 (Question 13 for IPTV). His research interests include Interactive Multimedia and Machine Learning applied to Multimedia.