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Are we still Open Source? Dilemmas for a new XML Database

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Over the last 5 years many NoSQL vendors have relicensed their software, and the landscape is only becoming more tumultuous with several vendors recently playing a licensing game which is akin to Musical Chairs. Developing a new NoSQL database is no small feat, and we must eventually choose some sort of license for our users. We examine what is driving the licensing changes in the wider database community, how they apply to a new entrant to the marketplace, and ultimately ask the question, are we still Open Source?
Presentation, 4 October 2019

Adam Retter has been a core contributor to the Open Source eXist-db Native XML Database for 14 years, he was also an invited expert to the W3C XQuery Working Group and helped standardise XQuery 1.0, 3.0, and 3.1. Adam founded the EXQuery project, and developed the RESTXQ framework for XQuery. Recently, Adam has been developing FusionDB a new multi-model NoSQL database which also supports XML natively.