Declarative Amsterdam

XForms, a Tutorial

One of the few declarative programming languages available is XForms, this month celebrating its tenth anniversary in its current instantiation. It is a W3C standard, and despite its name is not only about forms. Large projects, at large companies such as the National Health Service, the BBC and Xerox, have shown that by using XForms, programming time and cost of applications can be reduced to a tenth! This tutorial introduces XForms, and shows several amazing applications that can be written in only a few dozen lines.
Tutorial, 4 October 2019

Steven Pemberton is a researcher affiliated with the CWI. Amongst other technologies, he co-designed ABC, the programming language that Python was based on, and web technologies such as CSS, HTML, XHTML, and XForms. He was chair of the W3C HTML working group for a decade, and still chairs the XForms working group.